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The Chart of the Ages in other Languages:

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 God's Grand Plan of the Ages
 Twi Translation of God's Grand Plan of the Ages
  Jesus the World's Savior
  What Say the Scriptures About Hell?
  How to Study The Bible and Have It Make Sense

  Joy Cometh in the Morning
  Questions for "Joy Cometh in the Morning"  Word Doc    


The Divine Plan of the Ages” 
Study Questions for the “Divine Plan of the Ages”
Studies in the Scriptures Summarized
Studies in the Scriptures e-books for
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French Literature: Studies in the Scriptures
 Volume 1: "Le Divin Plan des Âges"  (pdf)  Word Doc
•  Volume 2: "Le Temps est proche" (pdf)
     •  Volume 3: "Que Ton R
ègne vienne" (pdf)
     •  Volume 4: "La Bataille d'Harmagu
édon" (pdf)
     •  Volume 5:
"conciliation entre Dieu et l'homme" (pdf)  
     •  Volume 6: "La Nouvelle Creation"
     •  "Les Figures du Tabernacle" (pdf)
•  "La Comm
émoration de notre Seigneur" (coming)

Book: "Le divin Plan des Âges" (pdf)
Book: "Manne Céleste" (pdf)
Book: "Cantiques/Hymns of Dawn" (French/English) (pdf)

Booklet: "Comment Dieu répond aux Prières" (pdf)
Booklet: "Dieu a un Plan" (pdf)
Booklet: "Dieu et la Raison" (pdf)
Booklet: "Harmaguédon pius. . .la Paix" (pdf)
Booklet: "Jésus, la Sauver du Monde"
• Booklet: "La Vie après la Mort" (pdf)
 Booklet: "Le Pere, Le Fils et Le Saint-Esprit" (pdf)
 Booklet: "Le Rem
éde De Dieu pour un Monde en Crise"(pdf)
 Booklet: "Pourquoi Dieu Permet-Il le Mal?" (pdf)
 Booklet: "Science it Création" (pdf)


53 Bible Study Lessons
23 Home Study Lessons


A Ransom For All
A Ransom For All in Efik Language
Can a Christian Fall from Grace?
Divine Plan of the Ages
God's Kingdom is at Hand
Hell, Death and the Soul
Joy Cometh in the Morning
King of Kings in French Language
The Return of Jesus
New Creation 
The Two Salvations   
Why Does God Permit Evil
Will Those Who Die in Armageddon Be Lost Forever?

Multimedia: A Ransom For All (Powerpoint)

Ghana Volumes in 21: Instructions to Join reading group for "Ghana Volumes in 21"
Volumes in 21 reading schedule excel sheet

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