Report from Rwanda

Dear brethren warmest greetings in the name of our loving heavenly father. I'm humbled to present to you the good work that took place in Rwanda.

(1) I was able to travel 15th thursday nght (December) and able to serve in seminars on Friday at Nyamagabe, Saturday at Huye, and Kugosozi on Sunday.

(2) The total number of people served was 480 in all the three places.

(3) These were the notable Sisters and Brothers who helped brother Elijah in the arrangements. Br. Ivan Ngabire mobilized and offered a venue and ps system at Nyamagabe teaching and crusade. He was the chief interpreter in all the seminars, he was of much importance to the truth work. He offered 100 copies of the four page brochure in French. Sr. Kyomugisa Helen was paramount Kugosozi healing center she provided 50 copies of French for the ransom studies. She provided transport for me and Elijah to this center. Sr. Irene Baliharigata helped much to link our seminars to the authorities in the areas we served. Much thanks to Karuhanga from Bukira providing 70 copies of French study material during the seminar at Bukwira Our serving was a success, however we met so many challenges as shown below

-- There poor decision making for the happening of this truth work. It took long to agree upon what to do.

-- There was lack a clear coordination among the concerned parties. Communication was not very clear from a far and near.

-- The goverment bill in the Republic of Rwanda concerning Religious matter and church setting was a large threat towards our success. We served under threat surrounded by many by CIDs and security officers asking who we are? Why do we identify ourselves with original churches. This I answered briefly that we are a non denominational movement in the names of Bible Students Movement. It was not yet clear to many but we managed to serve. We were quaesioned that next time we have to inform police to seek permission.

-- Rwanda is still sufering the genocide impacts of 1990. Much pressure came from other chuches and politicians. We thank God we were able to over come
succesfully. Much thanks to our God.

-- They said we don't see any wrong with DPA and its interepretation the "Inspector General of Police" and recommended to seek registration of this ministry with the government and he said they will give us one year operation  permit as they watch what is going on.

All in people need this teaching and appreciated but given the situation of  the country the progress faces many challenges. More will come as time allows me. Cause for truth, Br. Laban