Dear Brethren,

          I want to use this time to send the wonderful method I am using in my area that is yielding great result to you so that you can share them with other of my like minded brethren in other lands.

Method I:- Look and live

          By this method I take my 14inches television, my DVD Player and my small generator and go to the villages and I put the  TV on top of my car and plug the DVD and start the generator and  play  our DVD plate titled GODS KINGDOM  and people will gather in great numbers to look at the film at this end I give room for question and I give satisfying answers from the bible and the interest shown I follow up immediately and a class is formed, this I do from place to place in the villages (rural areas) this has yielded a lot of gain that is new classes established.

Method II:- Operation eagle eye.

          By this method me and my family will be fully armed with enough tracts and booklets with my phone number written in all and we move out I then share them in two we then distribute all and happily go back home praying that God should touch the heart of whoever we give our tracts to after a time calls will be coming in and questions are asked and satisfied answers are given backed with bible reference after this I follow the honest  hearted ones up immediately from this new classes are set up.

Method III:- Operation fish them out.

          What I do on this is that there is a popular local news paper Ndokwa Chronicle in our area almost everybody wants to read it so I met the editor to publish our materials this he agree on a monthly bases so I publish our materials and hundreds of copies are sold after reading these our materials calls begin to flow in and immediately I follow them up no one is left out from this interested ones classes are set up as Christ asked his disciples to do that they should gather everything together (After feeding the multitude).

          Bro. Homer these methods has been responsible for the increase as the interested ones are increasing so the responsibility for caring for them since God helped me out from that accident, I rededicated my life and means totally to Him and His interest, so if our people that will use these methods will give up their will and time it will yield increase too.

          While I will be expecting increase from those who will apply it the Ibadan thanksgiving convention was successful. 

 I Remain
Yours sincerely,

Bro. Edoja Godwin