(April 10th to 12th 2009)

I am happy to report that the Lord, God Almighty has once again given us His grace to hold another Elders’ Seminar in Nigeria. This third seminar began on the 10th of April and ended on the 12th. The venue was Ntak Obio Akpa in Akwa Ibom State in South-South Nigeria. Seventeen brethren from ten classes attended. They were:

  1. Bro. Sunday Enang from Ntak Obio Akpa Class- Akwa Ibom State;

  2. Bro. Monday Ntukidem from Ntak Obio Akpa Class – Akwa Ibom State;

  3. Owo Okon from Ntak Obio Akpa Class – Akwa Ibom State

  4. Saviour Inyang from Ntak Obio Akpa class – Akwa Ibom State

  5. Bro. John Isife from Lagos-Ketu Class – Lagos State;

  6. Bro. Donatus Onochie from Lagos – Ketu Class – Lagos State;

  7. Bro. Monday Okoekoh from Uromi Class – Edo State;

  8. Bro. Edwin Udofa  from Eket Class – Akwa Ibom State

  9. Bro. Bassey Okukwana from Ibiono Class – Akwa Ibom State

  10. Bro. Peter Udochi Ekeh   from Aba Class – Abia State

  11. Bro. Bassey U. Akpan  from Mkpat Enin Class – Akwa Ibom State

  12. Bro. U.T. Umoh  from Mkpat Enin Class – Akwa Ibom State

  13. Bro. O.M. Akpan  from Uyo Class – Akwa Ibom State

  14. Bro. Daniel John Nti-Ikpa from Ikot Afanga Class Akwa Ibom State.

  15. Bro. Vincent Aggreh from Warri Class – Delta State

  16. Bro. David Ena-Obire from Warri Class – Delta State

  17. Bro. Moses Ena. Obire from Warri Class – Delta State.

Topics covered at the Seminar included 30 minutes Discourses prepared by attendees condensing each assigned Chapter (Studies)  of the Divine Plan of the Ages (Volume One of the Studies in the Scriptures).Others were detailed studies on (1) Berean Bible Study on “Patience”, (2) The “Sufferings of Christ and His Church”, and (3) “God’s Standard is Perfection”

The result of the three days of studies and sweet fellowship is a manifestation obvious awareness of areas of strength and weaknesses both on the individual and class levels. Brethren testified to the mind purifying effects of the subjects treated and a sense of longing for more engendered by these effects on the individuals. Personally I felt the uplifting effects of the subjects to such an extent that I wished, and I am still doing so, all elders in Nigeria were at the seminar to be so affected.

Once again, I wish to use this opportunity to call on all Nigerian Bible Students that are teaching in their classes to avail themselves of the opportunity these seminars afford in accurate knowledge acquisition to help them improve their relationship with the Heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Brethren and the Truth as well as enhance their teaching abilities. They stand to gain from studies as indicated by the Scriptures (2 Tim. 2:15; Acts 13:15 – 26; 1 Tim. 4:13 – 16; etc.)

 Below are some of the testimonies by the brethren.

  1. Bro. Peter Ekeh: After the Seminar at Warri in June 2008, I had an accident at work that could have killed me but the Lord delivered me from it. Thank God for me.
  2. Bro. Monday Okoekoh: I am very joyful for being here. The Lord has been good to me and my family as well as the Uromi Class. I was to come with Bro. Friday Otuekere but at the last minute he opted out. I, however, decided to come alone even though I did not know the way to this place and have been relying solely on Bro. Friday who is from the next State. I thank God for my safe arrival here and the seminar has been a huge success. I appreciate the studies and I pray that we have many more of these opportunities to assemble together and study like this. Thank God.
  3. Bro. Bassey Okukwana: This is my first time of coming to this part of the country. I was Bro. David rice who informed me of the seminar. My trip was smooth. I am very appreciative of the high quality of the studies and the maturity of the brethren in this gathering. Everything was orderly and the questions asked were duly treated to my satisfaction. I have learned much.
  4. Bro. Monday Ntukidem: Thank God for answered prayers in making the seminar a possibility here. I have feared that it would be taken elsewhere at a point in time. And I thank God  for the safe arrival of the brethren from different parts of the country to Ntak Obio Akpa. Also, I thank God for the smooth arrangements for the seminar. I thank the co-ordinator, Bro. Obire for his patience and I thank the sponsors for this wonderful gift to us. I also thank God for my family and for my work which is now in my own area. I have been transferred to my own area now.
  5. Bro. Sunday Enang: Although there were initial difficulties during the planning stage for the seminar, it has come and gone and it has been very successful. My family members were counting the days as the seminar drew near. That is to show how they have they have expected the seminar and it showed in their tireless labour to make the brethren comfortable. When I saw the brethren arriving I became over joyed. There was rejoicing in the family. We have been blessed by the studies. Pray for me because I have been passing through much persecution from my extended family members. At some points in time I used to become very weak because of these trails.
  6. Bro. Vincent Aggreh: I would not have been able to come but God over ruled in my favour. My company workers decided to go on indefinite strike for the non-payment of salaries and allowances for about 42 months now. The strike began about two weeks ago and there appears to be no foreseeable end to it. So I seize the opportunity to attend this seminar. I have gained much from the detailed studies.
  7. Bro. Owo Okon: Thank God for the successful completion of the seminar. I thank the sponsors and Bro. Obire for the programme and for the beautiful studies covered at this seminar. I thank God for the Ntak Obio Akpa class. There is unity among us here and I thank God for my family.
  8. Bro. Moses Obire: I thank God for the success of the seminar and for the health of the attendees. There was no incident of illness or accident. Everything went smoothly. I have personally learnt much from the studies and discourses. I thank God for this opportunity which enabled us to gather together and study in detail.

Bro. Moses Ena. Obire.
Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Attendees at the 3rd Nigerian Elders’ Seminar

Sitting from Left:
Bro. Daniel John Nti-Ikpa,  Bro. Moses Obire, Bro. John Isife, Bro. U.T. Umohand Bro. Peter Ekeh.

Standing from left (front row): Bro. Monday Okoekoh, Bro. Vincent Aggreh, Bro. Bassey U. Akpan, Bro. O.M.Akpan (in suit), Bro. Bassey Okukwana (eye-glasses) and Bro. Edwin Udofa.

Standing from left (Back row): Bro. David Ena-Obire, Bro. Donatus Onochie, Bro. Monday Ntukidem, Bro. Sunday Jackson Enang. And Bro. Owo Okon.

This photograph was taken in front of the assembly hall of the Ntak Obio Akpa Class.

From left to right: Bro. Monday Okoekoh (Uromi); Bro. Edwin Udofa (Eket); Bro. Moses Obire (Warri); Bro. O.M.Akpan (Uyo) and Bro. Sunday Enang (Ntak Obio Akpa).