A few brethren arrived on the evening of October 28th for sweet fellowship. The session was closed   with “SONGS IN THE NIGHT” at about 8:30 PM. On Friday, October 29th the morning session was chaired by Bro. Godwin Adiele, the leader of Okpuala Ngwa class. After  Morning Devotions  Bro. Donatus Ariwodor greeted the brethren with a  welcome address entitled "Dwelling Together in Unity." Bro Monday Okoekoh then spoke on "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself “. A third discourse before lunch was captioned “God, The Open Book " was provided by by Bro Godwin Adiele.

 Following lunch, Bro Monday Okoekoh served as chairman and Bro Francis Edet (leader of Udung Uko class) spoke on“The Real You and Worship”. At the end of the question and answer session following  the discourse and a short intermission, Bro Donatus Ariwodor  gave another sermon on the subject “Duty of Brethren Toward Each Other." The evening concluded with "Songs in the Night."

On Saturday, October 30th, Bro. Godwin Edoja served with a talk entitled "The Secret of the Harvest Increase." This is followed by the discourse, "Evidence" by the leader of Oron City Class, Bro Hen Bassey. Bro Chuks Jacob of Aba 2 class brought us to lunch with a sermon on “Prayer and Public Worship." For the initial service in the afternoon, Bro Donatus Ariwodor discoursed on "Principles of Spiritual Leadership." After questions and answers on the discourse and a short Intermission, the Young Adults provided a thrilling drama captioned "Anything You Do God Sees You”, and some lovely hymns.  Bro Godwin Edoja provided another talk on "What Kind of Member Are You?" Bro Donatus Ariwodor concluded his presentation on "Principles of Spiritual Leadership."

Testimonies for October 30th

Bro Hen Bassey: God granted me journey mercy. I was not kidnapped on my way to this convention......

Bro Edet Francis: I esteem the brethren. Thank God for this opportunity………

Bro Henry Igurube: Happy to be here .God used Bros. Ariwodor and Khurrsino to postpone our class convention in order to be here at Nbawsi .

Bro Edoja :  Thanks God for allowing his will in our lives …

Bro M Okoekoh: I am happy to meet the brethren and that this place is calm and the people hospitable.

Bro Ariwodor: "I thank the Almighty God for His faithfulness. I also thank the BSCFA for supporting  this convention. Again, I  want to thank my co laborers everywhere for their prayers, moral and material support, all which made this convention successful .


1.      We resolve to work with the BSCFA.

2.       Five (5) Class leaders namely: Bros Godwin Adiele (Okpuala Ngwa Class), Chuks Jacob(Aba 2), Hen Bassey (Oron City Class), Francis Edet (Udunj Uko Class) and Monday Okoekoh (Uromi Class) will be members of this General Convention Committee.

3.      A proposal was made  for a General Convention at Kwale, God willing in August 2011.

 On Sunday morning, October 31st, Bro Donatus Ariwodor gave a baptismal discourse entitled "Consecration." Bro Chimjike Godwin and Sr Maria Samuel were immersed by Bros. Francis Edet and Donatus Ariwodor. Testimonies given after the service included the following:

 Bro Chimjike Godwin Adiele : "I am overwhelmed with joy . My parents informed me they promised God that I would be a preacher of His word. I joined the Muslims. There I searched for the truth but I did not find it. Today I am a consecrated member of the body of Christ. I am asking the Lord to prepare me fully for His work”.

Sr Maria in her own testimony says: "My heart is full of joy in being granted His Mercies today and to counted worthy of His name as a member of His body."

Bro Godwin Adiele:"I have great joy seeing the fulfillment of my promise to God. This, my first son whom I promised would be God’s servant  went away from us and even stopped visiting our home. We continued to pray for him and the Lord answered our prayers and brought him home. He started studying with us. Today, here is he, a consecrated brother."

Bro Edet Fancis: "I can not express my joy to witness this day…"

Sr Cecilia Adiele: "I thank God for answering our prayers on behalf of our first son, Bro Chimjike who consecrated today."

Sr Beatrice Ariwodor: “My heart is full of joy in that at last this convention is a success and gave birth to two children of the Lord…” .

Bro. Donatus Ariwodor:  "I thank our Heavenly Father who accomplishes all things for us through the merit of His dear Son and our Master Jesus Christ. I also thank the BSCFA for supporting this General Convention which a huge blessing us here in Nigeria. His will MUST prevail, come what may!' For we can do nothing against the Truth but for the Truth' (2 Corinthians 13:8). I thank God for His faithfulness. To Him be the Glory!"