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The Chart of the Ages in other Languages:

Pilgrim Service, Conventions, and Seminars
Programs, Reports, and Pictures



•  God's Grand Plan of the Ages
•  Twi Translation of God's Grand Plan of the Ages
•  Jesus the World's Savior
•  Jesus the World's Savior - French
•  What Say the Scriptures About Hell?
•  How to Study The Bible and Have It Make Sense

•  "Joy Cometh in the Morning"
• Questions for "Joy Cometh in the Morning"     


• “The Divine Plan of the Ages” 
• Study Questions for the “Divine Plan of the Ages”
• Studies in the Scriptures Summarized
• Studies in the Scriptures e-books for
   Mobile Devices
• French Language Studies in the Scriptures
•  Volume 1: "Le Divin Plan des Ages"  (pdf)
                    • Word Doc
•  Volume 2: "Le Temps est proche" (pdf)
     •  Volume 3: "Que Ton R
θgne vienne" (pdf)
     •  Volume 4: "La Bataille d'Harmagu
ιdon" (pdf)
     •  Volume 5:
"Rιconciliation entre Dieu et l'homme" (pdf)  
     •  Volume 6: "La Nouvelle Creation"
     •  "Les Figures du Tabernacle" (pdf)
     •  "La Commιmoration de notre Seigneur" (coming) 
• French/English "Hymns of Dawn" (pdf)
• French "Daily Manna" (pdf)


• 53 Bible Study Lessons
• 23 Home Study Lessons


• A Ransom For All
• A Ransom For All in Efik Language
• Divine Plan of the Ages
• God's Kingdom is at Hand
• Hell, Death and the Soul
• Israel   
• Joy Cometh in the Morning
• King of Kings in French Language
• The Return of Jesus
• New Creation 
The Two Salvations   
• Why Does God Permit Evil
• Will Those Who Die in Armageddon Be Lost Forever?
Multimedia: A Ransom For All (Powerpoint)

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