23 Home Study Lessons

Lesson 1 –  The Creation of Man
Lesson 2 
 Death’s Reign Begun
Lesson 3  The Hope of Deliverance
Lesson 4  The Savior and Salvation
Lesson 5   Following the Master
Lesson 6
  The Glory of the Terrestrial
Lesson 7
  The Glory of the Celestial
Lesson 8
  The Hope of Immortality
Lesson 9
 Christ’s Promised Return
Lesson 10
Manner of Our Lord’s Return
11 Three Worlds
12 Four Ages
13 The Day of the Lord
14 Object of Our Lord’s Return
15 The Kingdom of Christ
16 Subjects of Kingdom Blessed
17 God Tests His People
18 The First Resurrection
19 The Better Resurrection
20 The General Resurrection, Part 1
21 The General Resurrection, Part 2
22 Oneness with God Restored
23 No More Death

God’s Plan for Man

THE whole universe is governed in keeping with the fixed plans of the Creator. Because this is true those who sow seed know that in due time they will reap a harvest; and astronomers can forecast the exact movements of the sun, the moon, and the stars. God also has a plan for his human creatures, every detail of which is being worked out exactly according to his design.

God created the earth to be man’s eternal home, but he forewarned our first parents that their continued life depended upon their obedience to his law. They disobeyed and were sentenced to death. By heredity this death condemnation was passed on to their progeny, and the human family has experienced more than six thousand years of sin, sickness, and death. Now it is feared that the entire race might be destroyed through the selfish misuse of human inventions and discoveries.

But the Bible assures us that this will not occur, that, instead, the human race is to be restored to life as was originally designed by the Creator. The plan of God whereby this is accomplished has, throughout the centuries, been moving forward to completion, and the Bible reveals that now the time is near for the glorious consummation of that plan. Those who understand God’s plan for man are filled with hope instead of fear.

There are many facets to the Divine plan, as you will discover through the use of this study book. It is not a book simply to be read. You will receive the greatest good from it by making sure that you understand the answers to the questions in each lesson before passing on to the next lesson.

And to gain this knowledge it is also important that you look up all the Scripture texts which are cited and read the suggested reference material. We commend these topical Bible studies to you. Should questions arise that are not answered in the studies, do not hesitate to write to us concerning them.

The reference materials suggested under “Students’ Helps” are the six volumes of the Studies in the Scriptures.