Liberia Trip Report - June 2017

On June 28th, 2017 Bro. Austin Williams travelled first to Accra, Ghana where I met with Br. Edward Nkasah at the airport to catch our flight to Liberia on the 28th of June, we also had the privilege to meet with new contacts of How to study the bible project who came with Bro. Samuel Amoo, Bro. Isaac Danso and Sr. Sarah Asare. Upon arrival in Monrovia, Liberia we were met at the airport by Br’s Nicholas, Maxwell, Paul and George who drove us to Monrovia where we stayed for the past 5 days in Caldwell district in a guess house call AMANDA GUEST HOUSE. 

Our witnessing activities were focused on one specific theme “The Chart of the Ages” in the interior villages of Monrovia. Our first day activity started in the  Upper Caldwell area, Benson District at the Viarama National Academy where 31 were in attendance.  After every 2 hour witnessing session, we set aside 1 hour for question and answers. Brs. Edward and Nicholas also participated in addressing questions from the Audience. Few examples of questions:

We proceeded next to a place within Coffee Farm in Caldwell, this is the exact place of meeting for the brethren in Liberia where they always have their class meetings and here 23 people were gathered. The study was on the Importance of the Old Testament which was requested by the class and this study took one full hour, then we closed for the day.

Day two of our meeting was in the Caldwell Scout District Community at the Refuge Chapel Center where 42 people were present and the head pastor was pastor Maxwell Weah. In spite of the heavy rains people came to listen to the harvest message. After a 2 hour session followed by spirited question and answer session we proceeded toward the next village in Mount Coffee Harrisburg in the northern part of Monrovia. We were greeted by 54 members of a local prayer meeting hall lead by Pastor Franklin. People sat for a good hour until the heavy rains stopped and heard the study on the chart followed by question and answer session. The audience requested us to return again not during the rainy season because they wish to hear more of this truth.

The next day we proceeded toward Western part of Monrovia called Banjor in Virginia there were 33 adults and 18 children in attendance. After our regular study followed by question and answer session we proceeded to place in Dixville Township called Caldwell Mercy Seat Chapel. There were 35 in attendance. Following are some of the questions which emanated during our witness activities

*  Was Jesus Created as a being?

*  Why should good people go to Hell?

*  How does John 1:1-5 reads? 

*  Did Adam Die? 

*  Did Adam Die the spiritual death or physical death?

*  What was the first Law given to Adam? 

*  When Adam & Eve were sack from the garden, who replaces them?

* Where in the Bible can we find in the Bible that Adam & Eve were created in the 6th day?

* Why are we called Sons of God?

* You said Apostles are followers of Christ, but not all followers are Apostles! What do you mean by that?

*  What does second death means?

*  If there are mistake in the King James Bible, have they change that?

*  I have heard people saying Rapture, what is your thought about that?

On Sunday 2nd of July 2017 we conducted a worship meeting along with Br. Nicholas and 12 others where they meet at one Mr. Franklin’s abode every Sunday. The meeting was for 4 hours with a 30 minute break.

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·     I did not wish to return because of abundant harvest work with less time I planned on to stay and few laborers at the moment

·     The land is prime for harvest work because people are kind gentle, willing to listen and they are yearning to hold on to something

·     Very poor yet people are content and happy. Because of poverty corruption is prevalent in the official settings.

·     Teachers and doctors are the lowest paid  for example a primary school teacher gets paid $80 per month while next door in Ghana the same teacher $250 per month

·    Directors and political ministers make minimum 15 – 20K USD per month + car, driver and a house

·    The only way Liberia makes money is through import tariffs hence no multinationals or outside investments flowing in

·    50% of the population is Christian out of 4.5 million population with about minimum 10% unemployment

·    Because of their civil war which lasted for 14 years ending in 2004, people do not have jobs.

·    It is like a rain forest from March to October it rains like Noah’s flood yet not a foot of land is cultivated everything is imported. Banks do not lend money for farm equipment because the recipients have no collateral

·    If one wants to help on humanitarian grounds it’s a bottomless pit, never be enough

·    I had very successful public witnessing experience for 3.5 days

·   Since I have been abundantly blessed in all areas, when I compare to those who are less fortunate than I am, I want to press forward to be a responsible steward in following Matt 24:14

Hence wishing to seek the Lords direction with intentions of frequent trip/s to Liberia while trying to establish a good working ecclesia and groom pilgrim workers from within Liberia  

All those that attended these activities received the following materials and were encourage to read, thus facilitating follow up studies.

-  Chart of the Ages

-  Gods Plan for Man - 23 Home Study lesson

-  Why God Permits Evil

-  Three Keys to the Bible

-  God Has a Plan

-  When a Man Dies

-  Jesus the World’s Savior

-  Truth about Hell

-  Father Son and Holy Spirit

-  Kingdom of God